3 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home With Outdoor Upgrades

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Exterior StainYour backyard and outdoor landscape add beauty and aesthetic appeal to the overall appearance of your home. They can also add value to your home. A spruced up deck, an appealing exterior paint, and a fresh, inviting front yard can all add value to your property while creating serene, comfortable environments which your family and your guests will love.

Invest in Your Front Yard

Change the outside space of your front yard by adding stylistic themes and modest additions which are welcoming, warm, and inviting. You can also freshen up your front yard with decorative items like outdoor plants, a garden, or even access shutters. You can also consider replacing or repairing your driveway or sidewalk, which can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the front exterior of your home. Another way to improve the front exterior of your home is by repainting your porch or even your front door. Benjamin Moore exterior paints, available in a huge variety of different colors and shades, are the chosen product most professionals recommend for enhancing a home’s exterior. Your front yard is the focal point of its aesthetic appeal. Make a statement by painting your front door or using products like Benjamin Moore Arborcoat to polish up and improve the appearance of your front porch. Remember, the entry point to your home will be the first thing people see. It should reflect the interior of your home. You can also consider:
  • Planting a tree
  • Sprucing up your landscape by trimming your hedges
  • Installing outdoor lighting
  • Adding a garden with flowers that complement the color of your home

Give Your Deck a Makeover

Renew the landscape of your backyard by giving your deck and outdoor living area a makeover. Benjamin Moore deck stains can refresh your deck and transform your backyard, adding style and value to your property. All it takes is a visit to your local paint store. To enhance the appearance of your deck and siding and also protect them from the elements, we recommend Benjamin Moore Arborcoat premium exterior stains, which can help hide imperfections on exterior surfaces, touch up surfaces, and protect surfaces from stains and scuffs. Benjamin Moore exterior paints are available in thousands of different of colors and are a great way to spruce up any deck, adding value and improving the overall aesthetic quality of your backyard.


A big part of improving a home’s curb appeal is maintaining its aesthetic. This is why it is recommended that homeowners use products like Benjamin Moore Arborcoat exterior stains to protect and enhance the appearance of decks, front porches, siding, and outdoor furniture. You can also prune and trim your landscape and add lighting to your front and backyard to transform them into serene, calming environments. Here are some more ways you can improve the exterior of your home:
  • New house numbers and mailbox
  • New or improved lighting
  • Window boxes
  • Outdoor art
  • Accent trim shutters
  • New gutters
  • Paint refresh
  • Upgraded siding and trim
  • Upgraded railings