Product Spotlight: Benjamin Moore's Affinity Color Collection

Benjamin Moore's Affinity Color Collection consists of 144 flattering and distinctive colors which are curated by experts and is a collection of neutrals ranging from pure gray to pure beige. The colors in this palette promise a long-lasting, elegant finish which brings life and beauty to any home. Home Decor Made Easy With a wide range of color options for rooms, halls, and other spaces, the Affinity Collection makes choosing color combinations for your home easier than ever before The colors in this collection pair together effortlessly and were each chosen through a meticulous process which involves the careful evaluation of hues and shades by Benjamin Moore paint experts, who create color combinations that make choosing colors an effortless process. Choosing the right color combination can be the hardest part of decorating a space - but in the Affinity Color Collection, colors are specially mixed to work with each other, eliminating the often tedious and stressful task of choosing specific color combinations. The Science Behind the Paint The colors in this collection are all scientifically formulated to be used with one another. The colors can be used to flow from room to room to create harmony and can also be used as combinations in one single room. The formula behind this collection takes the following three factors into consideration to create the perfect combination: HVC hue, value, and chroma. If you're struggling to find colors that flow from room to room, consider the Affinity Color Collection. Each color in this collection is designed to work together in any kind of combination, regardless of the colors you choose. The Benjamin Moore Affinity Collection can be used on interior or exterior parts of a home, and is available in: This unique color collection offers a versatile mix and defined blend of long-lasting, authentic colors that are not only beautiful but elegant and stylish. Contact us today to find the best product for you. Paintpourri, the leading Benjamin Moore dealer in Warren County, NJ, can help you select the best color from this collection and make your project a resounding success.