How to Choose the Right Entryway Paint Color

Your entryway is more than a transition into your home; it can also be used to give your guests a preview of what they can expect inside your home. Creating a functional and beautiful space near your front door will not only welcome any visitors, but also give you a little lift every time you return home. However, this process starts with choosing the right entryway paint color, which is what we will explore in more detail here.

Create a Complimentary Color Palette

The good news is that like your powder room, a guest is not likely to expect your entryway colors to be exactly the same as your living space. However, it is important to carry one or two colors from your living room to help tie everything together. So, you should create a complementary color palette of the colors you love that will work well with your living room colors. If you prefer to stick to your living room colors, opt for shades that are lighter or darker tones to create a customized look.


Soft, warm gray provides a neutral color that works well in any entryway. This shade looks great in any lighting conditions, working well in daylight or at night. Gray also provides a lot of flexibility as it works well with all other colors. This makes it a perfect background for decorative features, including displaying art.

Light Yellow

A warm, light yellow can add a little sunshine to your entryway. This light tone provides a grounded, neutral backdrop to welcome guests and creates balance for your home. Yellow works well with gray, green, blue, and even bolder colors, including pink, purples, and black.


Regardless of whether you choose a soft, light blue, or a deeper shade, blue can be welcoming and create a classic aesthetic for your entryway. Blue can set the stage for your entire home to create a sense of security and comfort as guests enter your home. A dark shade will only work well if the rooms off your entryway are lighter to create a greater sense of space.


If you want to opt for a classic, neutral shade for your entryway, ecru offers a warm and wonderful color choice. Ecru can highlight the natural wood of window architectures and staircases, regardless of the style of your home.


Another classic choice for your entryway is white. Most white shades tend to have peach or pink undertones, but for a bold and brilliant finish in your entryway, look for a pure, warm white. This white tone will look fantastic in any type of foyer light to create a radiant and welcoming finish.


If your home has neutral or muted accessories or a lot of wood, a light brown will create a great first impression. A soft golden bronze shade will warm your entryway to welcome any guest. Look for a brown shade that has orange tones to create an energetic and inviting aesthetic. Your choice of entryway color can be used to reflect your personality and create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. It is well worth taking the time to explore your favorite shades to see which ones can be used to create that perfect finish for your entryway.