How to Enhance Your Kitchen With Gray Paint Colors


White is considered a great go-to when it comes to kitchen paint colors. White not only adds lots of lightness to your room decor, but it also complements many appliances and fixtures without feeling unobtrusive. However, if you want to break with tradition and opt for a versatile update that maintains that timeless appeal, you should consider gray. Gray shades can still offer that balance of lightness and serenity, so here we’ll explore some gorgeous gray Benjamin Moore kitchen paint colors to style your room.

A Little Warmth

With all the gadgets and appliances in a kitchen, it is very easy to create a cold and sterile feeling with white kitchen paint colors, but you can add a little warmth with gray. Gray actually makes great sense in a kitchen as there is usually lots of stainless steel in appliances and fixtures and gray tones already present in granite. Choose a gray tone with underlying creamy notes that will add warmth to the overall look.

A Darker Alternative

When you spend lots of time in the kitchen, white can seem a little monotonous and dull. Although a bright, white kitchen may be great for that first impression for visitors, when you’re working in the kitchen, day in and day out, you may prefer a darker alternative. You can bring out the balance of your darker gray paint by contrasting the materials and features of other areas of the room. For example, choose a darker Benjamin Moore gray for your walls or cabinets, but opt for bold cabinet hardware or choose subway tile backsplash and white stone countertops. This creates a yin-yang feel that will highlight the natural beauty of all those tasty dishes you’ll be preparing in your new kitchen.

Create High Contrast

With the impressive choice of Benjamin Moore gray colors, it is easy to create a high contrast effect in your new kitchen. This can work particularly well in an open floor plan kitchen, so you can create a visual separation between the kitchen and living areas of your home. For example, opt for a lighter gray for your cabinets and a charcoal gray for the shelves and upper walls. This will create a calming backdrop that sets the kitchen back while creating a cohesive space. The key to creating a high contrast look is to get the right kitchen paint colors. You’ll need to test out a variety of Benjamin Moore gray paint colors to check which ones will look best. Don’t rely on a color chart as you’ll need to check how the light in your kitchen interacts with the colors from different angles.

A Timeless Favorite

Finally, if you want a gray paint color that will last for years is to choose a shade that changes with the light. This will create a cool or warm feeling depending on the time of day and the amount of natural light. This will make your room feel restful and timeless. So, choose gray walls and pair with creamy eggshell on your woodwork and baseboards for subtle contrast.

If you would like to learn more about the vast choice of Benjamin Moore kitchen paint colors, Paintpourri is here to help. Our team would be delighted to guide you through our amazing selection of kitchen paint colors including Benjamin Moore gray shades to help you choose the perfect ones for your new kitchen.