Hunter Douglas - More Shapes - More Sizes

Hunter Douglas - Paintpourri - Hackettstown NJHunter Douglas is an industry leader in window fashions and custom window treatments that fit the shape and size of any window design. The world-renowned window fashion company also offers designs for French doors, skylights, sliding glass doors, and more. Whether you are looking for window treatments for the most complicated of arches, angles, or other unique window shapes and sizes, Hunter Douglas is the trusted choice among homeowners around the world for all their window and blind covering needs. With the company’s wide, flexible, and versatile selection of window treatments that offer ultimate privacy, light control, and elegance, Hunter Douglas has the perfect solution for even the most challenging of window settings. Hunter Douglas knows that some home fashions are a bit more difficult to style than others. Whether you have trapezoid windows, oval windows or French doors, Hunter Douglas has an abundance of products that fit virtually all window styles. Whether you’re looking for simple window fashions for your home or have more challenging bay or corner windows, every Hunter Douglas product has a solution to accommodate all shapes and styles to bring natural light and beauty to your home. Hunter Douglas has a wide assortment of window fashions available in many different specialty shapes. These shapes include:


Hunter Douglas designs are available in stationary, extended, half moon, half circle, quarter circle, perfect, imperfect, eyebrow, and gothic shapes.


With elegant styles that can fit both windows and doors, Hunter Douglas has fashions which offer all sorts of unique cut-outs and styles that will suit any taste. Designs are available in right triangles, isosceles triangles, top/bottom-sloped windows designs, and more.


Trapezoid window fashions come in all sorts of angles and figurations which can present a challenge when styling these types of windows, but Hunter Douglas has a solution for all of them. Hunter Douglas also offers window fashions for hexagons, octagons, circles, and ovals. For arches, angles, and shapes, we recommend:
  • Pirouette Window Shades
  • Duette Honeycomb Shades
  • Vignette Modern Roman Shades
  • Silhouette Window Shades
  • Parkland Wood Blinds
Hunter Douglas also offers solutions and styles for virtually ever bay, corner, or bow window design. In addition to this, Hunter Douglas offers window fashions to accommodate countless other window fashions, including:
  • Patios
  • Sliding-glass doors
  • French doors:
  • Cut-outs
  • Skylights
  • Sidelights
For your bay, corner, or bow window designs, we recommend:
  • Silhouette window shadings
  • Vignette Modern Roman Shades
  • Provenance Woven Wood Shades
For more complicated designs, we recommend:
  • Duette Honeycomb Shades
  • Vignette Modern Roman Shades
  • NewStyle Hybrid Shutters
With window fashions suited to fit any shape, style, arch, and shape, Hunter Douglas has a solution to all your window treatment needs. To find out what product best suits your home decor and windows, contact us today.