Hunter Douglas: Providing Elegant Energy Efficiency

hunter douglas - Paintpourri - Hackettstown NJHunter Douglas is an industry leader in custom window treatments.  Not only does Hunter Douglas create durable, long-lasting and beautiful window fashions, but their products also offer energy efficiency. With innovative designs that allow homeowners to save costs on energy, Hunter Douglas offers distinct products which are unrivaled by any other company in the industry. Hunter Douglas’ world famous Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades are engineered to add beauty to a home while offering energy efficiency at the window in both warm and cold months. The unique design traps air in the pockets, creating insulation which can help homeowners lower their energy consumption and bills. Did you know that a home can lose up to 50% of its heating and cooling energy right through the windows? Hunter Douglas products help reduce this loss by creating window shades and blinds that help conserve energy at the window, helping families save costs on energy. Hunter Douglas takes window fashion and sustainability very seriously,  putting this in all their designs. Here’s how Hunter Douglas products can help save families money by conserving energy at the window:


Hunter Douglas’ innovative technologies provide insulation at the window to help reduce the amount of energy that is consumed in a home. This saves homeowners on both heating and cooling costs, reducing energy consumption and creating a comfortable, relaxed living environment.

Solar Heat Control

During the summer, the intense heat can be quite uncomfortable, forcing homeowners to turn up their air conditioning and increasing their energy consumption. Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades are innovative and unique in that they can help control the solar heat by minimizing the amount of heat that is coming into a home during the summer months. Alternatively, Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades and blinds can also maximize the amount of sunlight that comes into a home during the winter, helping to reduce energy costs.

Natural Light

Hunter Douglas window fashions help fill rooms with natural light, creating a more natural glow and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Extra Tips to Save Energy at the Window

  • Weather-strip your windows and doors
  • Caulk your basement and storm windows
  • Keep your windows locked
  • During winter days, open window coverings to catch solar heat
  • Close window coverings in the summer to ensure the heat stays out