Pairing Paint Colors with Window Treatments

Choosing paint colors can be challenging enough before you have to factor in whether they work with your window treatments. All the elements of your room need to complement each other, including your window treatments. So, here we’ll explore how some of the hottest paint colors can be paired with window treatments.

Rich Greens

Rich green shades are timeless and work beautifully with neutral tones and natural elements. This color can seamlessly transition between furniture, walls, and accessories. It is a good idea to pair rich green paint colors with darker neutral shades such as brown or black. However, it can also work well with crisp whites. Wooden blinds can work exceptionally well with rich green paintwork, adding coziness and warmth to your room aesthetic to create a natural yet graceful look.

Pale Pinks

Pale pinks are bang on trend due to their compatibility with other colors; they can almost be treated as a warm, neutral tone. Pink is no longer just for nurseries and can provide a modern, sophisticated tone that works well in any room. Pink paint colors work very well with whites or lemon yellows. For a relaxing bedroom or living space, paint the walls in pale pink and use light filtering honeysuckle shades. The light filtering will allow natural light to flood into your space, and the pink will really pop. Another option is sheer shades in a parchment shade that will offer similar light filtering properties.


Warm cream shades are replacing the gray tones that seemed to be on trend for the past few years. A cream paint color is the ideal middle ground as it is lighter than gray, but far less stark than a brilliant white. A warm neutral paint color, such as cream will work very well with tans and browns, but it can also create a bold statement with blues or earth tones. This can add character to your decor theme and tie the entire look together.

Calm Blues

Soft blues offer a hazy appeal that promotes serenity and calm. Calm blues can make your room feel roomy and light, but you need to avoid going too dark, as dark blues can make your room feel darker and smaller, particularly if you have poor lighting. If you have poor lighting, your room may feel claustrophobic if the paint color is too dark.

Calm blues work very well with light, neutral window coverings. For example, oatmeal can add not only maintain this brightening effect but also enhance the warmth of the paintwork. The same effect can also be created with wooden shades that can add this same warmth.

If you’ve already fallen in love with a paint color and are struggling to pair it with window coverings, be sure to take a sample to when you’re shopping. Putting a paint sample next to wooden shades, drape fabric, and blinds can help you to see how they will look together. You can also get help from your paint specialist or window treatment professional, who can help you achieve your desired look.