Product Spotlight: Notable Dry Erase Paint

A great idea can surface anywhere at any time, and we are surrounded by interior surfaces that can help us to realize our ideas by writing them down to share. When you have Notable Dry Erase Paint, you can convert any size wall in an area that is both practical and creative. Opt for either the Notable Clear or Notable White (whiteboard) Dry Erase Paint to transform virtually any painted color wall into a dry erase board.

The Notable Dry Erase Paint Kit

Each comprehensive Notable Dry Erase Paint kit comes with a two part paint system, a cover for the microfiber roller and set of detailed application instructions. This professional painting system can be applied to most interior residential or commercial walls. After all, every building has some blank wall space available, and Notable can help turn them into a creative and useful dry erase board of any size without drilling holes or installing fixings.

A Versatile Dry Erase Board Option

The Notable Dry Erase Paint system can be applied to virtually any surface: Painted wall surfaces. Laminated wood panels. Metal walls. Glass panes Wooden panels. If you want the classic look of a whiteboard, use the Notable White paint. If you want to transform an existing Benjamin Moore color surface to a dry erase board use Notable Clear.

Convert any Wall Surface into a Creative Space

There are many locations that could benefit from the Notable Dry Erase Paint system, such as: A School or University: Not every space will have a dry erase board available, and creative interactions are encouraged when there are dry erase surfaces available. Office Buildings: Every available wall could be a springboard to share ideas rather than holding a piece of bland corporate art or an out of date motivational poster. Give employees a way to interact visually and see what happens. Cafes and Restaurants: Easily show the dish of the day without installing a cumbersome chalkboard in your establishment. Hotels, Inns, and B&Bs: Staff and guests can easily be kept informed with any need to know information. In your Home: Many areas in the home, such as kitchens, furnished basements, home offices and kids rooms could use a large or small dry erase surface.

Things You Need to Know

The Notable Dry Erase Paint system comes in two parts, and it has a seven day cure time. The paint is Isocyanate free to ensure that the application process is user friendly. Many whiteboard style paints only allow 1 hour to apply the paint after it’s been mixed. However, the Notable paints have a 4 hour pot life; this will allow more time to get the best results and to cover larger areas. Notable Dry Erase Paint has a high gloss to keep your walls looking fresh, and it will not yellow, peel or crack. For extra peace of mind Notable paint comes with a ten year limited warranty. Once the paint has cured, you will have a functioning dry erase surface, and we recommend Expo Bold dry erase marker for the best results.