4 Tips to Choose the Best Nursery Color for Baby Girls

Having a baby girl is a special event in your life, and you will need to get a nursery ready for your new family member. There are so many colors to choose from, and it can be difficult to find a color palette that you and your little girl will love. If you’re struggling for inspiration these four tips to choose the best nursery color for baby girls should help.

1. Consider the Space Carefully

When you’re excited to get your nursery ready, it’s easy to dive straight into the painting, but this is usually a mistake. Take some time to really look at the future nursery space and ask yourself a couple of key questions. Does your nursery get plenty of natural light? Do you have a small or large room? When you choose a color for any room, it’s essential to consider the space first. A deeper or darker rich color may look great in a larger room, but in a smaller space it will overwhelm the room, and any light will be absorbed. This will make a small room feel even smaller and claustrophobic. If you go with a lighter color, a smaller room will feel brighter and larger. In a very large nursery, this could make the room feel a little washed out, and it may lack definition.

2. An Accent Color Should be Bold

As we mentioned above, darker and richer bold colors can be overwhelming in many smaller spaces. So, if you love bold colors how can you use them in your new daughter's nursery. This is where accent colors can be used to add depth or a focal point for the room without making it feel oppressive. The accent color doesn’t have to be a painted surface, a bold color choice for a throw pillow, rugs and curtains will have a similar effect. Have fun and express yourself with a daring accent color choice and you can create a nursery that’s truly unique.

3. Think a Few Years Ahead

You baby daughter may love her pink hues now, but that could change sooner than you can imagine. Kids tastes in colors can change just like an adult, and if you don’t want to redecorate every six months, it’s important to think a few years in advance. Creating a baby girl friendly look that lasts can be a challenge, but there are a couple of useful rules to bear in mind. First, avoid primary colors, they age quickly, instead choose a traditional pastel palette, this will give you a sophisticated child friendly look that will have some longevity. Secondly, it’s easier to change accent colors in soft furnishings or decor rather than repaint an entire nursery.

4. Get the Fabric First

If you’re bereft of inspiration get out and go shopping to find the fabrics for your daughter's new nursery. Once you’ve settled on some essential items that match, you can bring your color palette together and start to think about paint choices. It’s easy to get the exact shade of paint that you need to match your fabric choices. Trying to get fabrics to match your paint is far harder, and this is why professional interior decorators always look at soft furnishings first. Hopefully, these four tips will help you to choose the right paint colors for your baby girls nursery.