Your Guide to the Best Paint Colors for Small Kitchen Spaces

Color can go a long way to enhance the visual appeal of any room, but it can have a particularly dramatic effect when you have a smaller space. With a little care and attention, practically any color can work in the smallest of kitchen spaces. However, the best colors will create interest in the space without making the room feel claustrophobic. So here we’ll explore some of the best color combinations that could work in your small kitchen.

Consider the Amount of Light

Just like selecting surfaces, cabinet finishes, and fittings, when choosing paint colors, you need to think about the amount of light received in the room. This will impact how color can be distributed for a streamlined look. Fortunately, there are plenty of Benjamin Moore paints that are well suited to rooms with varying degrees of natural light. However, it is still a good idea to limit your color choices to two or three shades to avoid a busy or cluttered aesthetic.

Light Blues and Grays

This color combination is a classic and can create a feeling of space and style in any small kitchen. Pair these colors with white ceilings, walls, and backsplashes to reflect light and further the spacious feel. Imagine how soft blue cabinets will pop against white walls and white ceilings with highlights of gray to add interest.

White and Natural Wood

A white on white finish can create a crisp feel to open up a more modest space. This can be mixed with natural wood tones to add warmth and depth to your decor. Remember that there are actually numerous shades of white, so you can mix buttery whites with bold whites and gray tones to add texture and character into your design. Just be sure to opt for wood cabinets and flooring to create a modern, cool vibe.


If you want to add interest when painting a kitchen, consider the palette of colors offered in your spice rack. Red tones can make a good choice for a smaller kitchen, while the ruddy hue will stimulate conversation. You can balance these rich tones with white finishes, polished fixtures, and light reflective touches for superb balance. There are a number of spicy shades in the line of Benjamin Moore interior paints, just be sure to choose only two or three or you risk overwhelming your decor theme.

Copper and Blue

Take your decor cue from natural stone surfaces and slate tiles to create a palette that is rich with earthy appeal. Warm browns and copper tones pair beautifully with blues to add character to your small kitchen. Think about blue granite countertops with slate tile flooring and med brown cabinets. Complement these tones with beige, sage or pale khaki walls.

Aqua, Mint Green and White

For a refreshing decor theme, create a lively interplay with minty pastels and aqua tones, and a backdrop of bright, white walls. You can add a touch of the tropical with orange accents. If you are still struggling with inspiration for painting a kitchen, be sure to check out the full range of Benjamin Moore paints.