5 Types of Arborcoat Exterior Stains + The Ultimate Finish Guide

Benjamin Moore - Arborcoat Exterior StainArborcoat exterior stains protect and improve wood surfaces, enhancing the texture while also providing high-quality and lasting protection. Arborcoat exterior stains come in varying opacities that enhance the beauty of different types of woods while also covering imperfections. Some opacities are available in over 70 colors and offer superior protection to allow grain patterns to shine through with all their beauty. Using the right Arborcoat stain will help improve the quality of your wood while providing long-lasting protection. Arborcoat exterior stains are available in several different opacities and can help enhance the texture and grain of your exterior wood surfaces.

What Opacities are Available?

1. Clear

The clear opacity finish offers a clear, protective coating, enhancing the natural beauty of your wood while providing protection against cracking, stains, scuffs, and peeling.

2. Translucent Stain

The Arborcoat translucent stain offers superior protection while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of the grain pattern and texture of your wood. It is available in six ready-mix wood-inspired colors. 3. Semi-Transparent Stain Ideal for softwoods, the semi-transparent stain provides ideal protection, is available in over 75 colors, and also allows the texture and grain pattern of the wood to show.

4. Semi-Solid Stain

The Arborcoat semi-solid stain can be used on any types of wood decking, siding, and furniture. This semi-solid stain offers UV protection while also providing protection against blistering, peeling, stains, and scuffs. Available in 75 colors, the semi-solid stain also allows the texture and some of the grain pattern to show through the wood. 5. Solid Stain The Arborcoat solid stain hides imperfections found on surfaces while offering superior UV protection. Available in thousands of colors and suitable for all types of wood, this solid stain is ideal for protecting your wood while covering a majority of imperfections.

5 Steps to The Best Finish

Your finish will determine how your wood looks once the project is done. A good finish will show off all the hard work you have put into your project and is the final touch of a wood job. Here are 5 steps to applying a successful and perfect finish.

1. Preparation

Prepare your tools, products, and surface to get the best long-lasting results and ensure a successful coat.

2. Select the Color and Opacity

Select the color and opacity you want to use. Think about whether you want a clear or solid finish, and what kind of color you want to use.

3. Audition Your Stains

Brush test the stain or stains you will be using on your wood before doing a coating. The type of surface you are coating will determine how the finished color looks on it, which is why it is important to test out your stain first.

4. Application

Apply The coat to your surface evenly and thoroughly. End the coat on a natural point and do not interrupt application. Be sure not to apply your coat in direct sunlight.

5. Maintenance

Once you have finished the coat, maintain the area by keeping it clean and wash it regularly to remove any dirt or debris. Thinking of using Benjamin Moore stain for a project this spring? Visit Paintpourri in Hackettstown to learn more about Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat stains and which one is the best match for your project.