Top 6 Colors to Paint a Kitchen

The right color can open up a kitchen, create an inviting space, and make it stand out. If you're planning on painting your kitchen, you should focus on colors that coordinate with your cabinets, create an inviting environment, reflect light, and enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen. There are certain colors that work well in a kitchen depending on the layout, design, and the color of your cabinets and appliances. Colors that stand out and shine in a kitchen are colors that create welcoming and inviting atmospheres while accentuating the layout and design of your cabinets and appliances. Here are some of the best colors you should paint your kitchen if you are considering a  new paint job. White If you want to take a modern approach that is fresh, clean, and airy, you may want to consider an all-white kitchen. White can also be used as a beautiful backdrop in a kitchen. White is typically best matched with warmer, neutral colors. We suggest Benjamin Moore’s Winter Sky 2163-70 white for a fresh, clean look. Yellow Yellow is a very popular kitchen color. It is friendly, distinctive, and complementary to most wood kitchen cabinets. Like white paint, yellow reflects ambient light, which can liven up a space. You can try deeper yellows like Benjamin Moore’s Yellow Marigold 2155-30, which can give your kitchen a traditional, beautiful, and elegant look. Brown A rich brown is an earthy and warm color which can warm up a kitchen. Brown walls match well with dark brown kitchen cabinets or even green cabinets. It is a safe, warm and welcoming color. We suggest Benjamin Moore’s Autumn Bronze 2162-10. Gray If you are looking for a perfect neutral color scheme, we suggest warm grays and whites. Light gray in a kitchen adds a modern touch and pairs well with stainless steel appliances. Red Warm colors like red are said to stimulate the appetite and can bring out the personality of a kitchen. It’s a great choice for homeowners who aren’t afraid to take a bit of a risk. Cabinets that are darker in color or equipped with gray stainless-steel appliances pair well with red. We recommend Benjamin Moore's Red Parrot 1308 selection, which we sell in store. This timeless color is classic and elegant, and pairs beautifully with darker shades Green Like brown, green is an earthy color that is soothing and has an organic feeling to it. Green walls combine well with wooden cabinets. Unique greens like mint and apple green are also great choices if you have white cabinets or countertops. Choose a Color that Brings Life to Your Kitchen There are lots of different factors to take into consideration when painting your kitchen, such as your kitchen’s style, layout, and appliances. We suggest going for warm colors and pairing cool tones with warmer, neutral colors like gray or brown. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and choose a color that is the most welcoming and inviting to you. Paintpourri, Warren County, NJ's, Benjamin Moore dealer has a vast selection of paints to help with any kitchen paint job. To aid in the kitchen transformation they can help you spruce up the space with Hunter Douglas window treatments. Stop into Paintpourri and have their friendly staff help you save money and time.