Why You Should Paint Your Ceilings

Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint - Paintpourri - Hackettstown, NJ - Warren CountyMany people don’t take ceilings into consideration when painting a room. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that this is a very common design flaw that should never be overlooked. Most designers say that painting a ceiling is an absolutely essential step in the design process and that a ceiling can even work as an extra canvas if your room is a small space. Adding a coat of paint to your ceiling will make it look fresh, clean, and brand new. It provides you with an opportunity to liven up a room and add a fresh touch that a murky yellow-white ceiling just can’t match. Take the Right Approach When painting your ceiling, you should always take the color of your walls into consideration. Experts say that the best approach to painting a ceiling is to mix white paint with just a few drops of the color that has been used on the walls. Another approach is to paint your ceiling the same color as your walls to create an enclosed feeling. Create an Intimate Space with a Dark Color A dark ceiling creates an illusion similar to the sky at night. It can feel comforting, warm, and safe. A dark color also creates a warm sense of intimacy. We suggest a dark color like Benjamin Moore’s Black Iron 2120-20. You can also play it safe and experiment with a monochromatic color scheme. This is a great option if you have angled ceilings or white walls. Take the Type of Space into Consideration What is the purpose of the room you are painting? What will the space be used for? If you are considering painting your ceiling, you will need to ask yourself these questions. For small spaces like bathrooms, we suggest lighter colors like Benjamin Moore's Whispering Spring 2136-70 to make it seem a bit roomier. For larger rooms, we suggest colors that will bring attention and focus to both your decor and furniture. If you want to open up the room, we suggest painting the ceiling lighter than the walls. Consider painting your ceiling white if your room is very bright or textured, is a primary living area, or does not have a lot of natural light. Embrace the Opportunity Use your ceiling as an opportunity to get creative and make the room stand out. Painting your ceiling is no different than painting the walls in your home. Consider the type of look you're going for and then choose a color that falls into this look or theme. We recommend the Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint Ultra Flat paint, which conceals surface imperfections, is easy to apply and has a superior, flawless finish. Paintpourri, located at 324 Mountain Avenue in Hackettstown, NJ, is your one-stop-shop for all your painting needs. Whether it is a small painting project or a large project that includes many ceilings, Paintpourri has everything needed for the job from brushes to Benjamin Morre ceiling paint. Stop in and see the Paintpourri difference.